Need help? Then start the process.

A Good Samaritan.

Last week, I did something I am not prone to do…I became a Good Samaritan.

Kia and I were near the Branson, Missouri area running a few errands while on vacation. I pulled out of Walgreens, and in front of me was a car stalled in the middle of the intersection. I watched for a moment when I noticed the driver open his door and start to push. In the spur of the moment, I jumped out of the car, asked Kia to move the car, and I ran to help him push his car up a small hill into a nearby parking lot.

Instagram Image by Kia Bondurant of Andy being a good Samaritan

It felt good. It was fun. I didn’t say much to the guy who’s car broke down. I commented to another guy who jumped out to help how hot it was (100+ degrees). It wasn’t fun because of who I was with; it was fun because I did the right thing.

Yesterday’s hero, Today’s blog.

When I got back into my car with Kia, she said, “Well, there’s a blog post.” We quickly came to these 4 conclusions about help:

1. If you need help, you have to start the process.

Had the guy in the car, pulled out his phone, made a call, and sat in the intersection I never would have helped. I wouldn’t have seen a dire need. When I saw him trying to push his car up the hill all by himself, I knew he needed a hand. His action paved the way for my reaction.

If you are in a place in life or business where you need some help – start the process. Start with what you know needs done. Once you’ve begun, ask for help. Someone(s) will see your need and come to your aid. It starts with you.

2. Choose now to listen to your conscience.

Kia and I have been talking about putting ourselves in a place in life where we can help. We don’t want to have to stop and ask ourselves, “Should I…?” “Can I…?” We simply want to be free to help. This is the first step to spontaneously lend a hand.

The second step is listening to your inner voice. If we haven’t done step 1, then this voice begins to fade in our lives, but once we choose to be open the voice gets louder. When you hear the voice…act. It’s really that simple.

2. Have a partner.

Had Kia not been in the car with me to take the wheel, I may not have felt the freedom to jump out of the car. She helped me, and I was able to help someone in need.

The lesson is do things in life with others. Travel with someone through the journey you are on. When you see a need, you’ll have someone to watch your back and vice versa.

3. If you start, others will join in.

Initially, when I ran over to push, it was just me. A moment later, someone was next to me. Within 30 seconds, 1 turned into 3. I don’t know that I inspired the guy next to me, but I might have. I know I was inspired by the guy alone pushing up a hill.

Make the leap to do what you know is right, and others will jump on board with you. The question is “Who will lead?”

Small things lead to big things.

Big change begins with the decision to correct small problems. Helping a guy push his stalled car off the road is a small problem. I want it to lead to bigger change in my life.

Whether you need help or want to be help to someone in need just start. Help will come.

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2 Responses to “Need help? Then start the process.”

  1. Loreta August 6, 2012 at 11:30 am #

    Great post sir! I feel blessed that God placed you (both) in front of me!

    • Andy Bondurant August 6, 2012 at 4:22 pm #

      Wow – thank you. Kia and I both feel blessed that you were placed in our path this Spring! 

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