Surprised by Joy

Kalos Christmas

This past Christmas season, Cross Points Church implemented Kalos Christmas. Kalos is a Greek word taken from scripture that reflects good or beautiful works. These good works are just nice deeds, but they come from within an individual – it’s an inward beauty being displayed by outward actions.

At Cross Points we ask for members to nominate people or groups who might be in need (financial, physical, etc). In conjunction with these needs, we create activities that individuals or small groups can participate in to help meet the needs. It’s a way for our members to display Kalos, good works.


In addition to these Kalos works, we have a theme for each Sunday service in December leading up to Christmas – Love, Grace, Joy, Peace.

Yesterday, Sunday, December 15, we focused on JOY. Specifically the idea of being “surprised by joy.” It’s a phrase made popular by William Wordsworth and then C.S. Lewis.

The Christian walk is one where we find joy in the midst of pain, sorrow and grief (along with happiness, excitement and hope). However, it’s hard to describe what “surprised by joy” looks like…

…until now.

WestJet Airlines

WestJet Air is a Canadian airline, which from a very cursory glance looks like a Canadian version of Southwest Airlines. Last weekend, WestJet released a video of passengers flying to Calgary speaking with video-version of Santa. They told Santa their wishlist, and then they got on the flight.

Andy Bondurant writes about being surprised by joy in Shawnee Kansas

Between take-off and landing, a crew of WestJet staff raced around town to fulfill those wishes, including toys, clothes, a phone, a tablet and a big screen TV. When the passengers arrive, the gifts come pouring out of the baggage claim chute.

The result is what “surprised by joy” looks like. So cool…

Take a look…you might shed a tear (seriously).

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