It’s all about the WHAT dummy.

2014 Word of the Year

Visioneering book review on Andy Bondurant.comMy Word of the Year is VISION. With that in mind, I read a book by Andy Stanley called Visioneering in January. Interestingly, I purchased this book for Kia over a year ago. I happened to throw it in my bag packing for a vacation. I only took it out and thought about the title AFTER choosing my 2014 Word.

I’ve been sharing some notes and thoughts the past few weeks from the book. Here are 3 previous posts you might have missed:

  1. The Vision and the Desert.
  2. Dreamers dream. Visionaries make a difference.
  3. Success does not equal rewards.

The WHAT not the HOW.

Strength Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath on building strengths not weaknessesAccording to the Strength Finders test, I am a HOW kind of guy. I like to analyze and strategize. An idea isn’t real until there is a plan.

When it comes to having a vision for my life, my family, my ministry, this slows me down. Too often, I get caught up in how in the world could THAT ever happen? THAT being something bigger than me….bigger than my ability to analyze and strategize.

While HOW is important, it means nothing without the WHAT. What in the world am I doing that makes a difference. What am I doing that will last beyond me? What am I creating that extend for generations?

HOW all of that is accomplished only matters after the WHAT is firmly established.

HOW is God’s territory.

If I can establish WHAT my vision is, God help me take care of the HOW.

This is where I’m at right now. I know WHAT I want to see for my family and my job and my life outside of both of those realms. HOW it’s going to happen, I don’t really know. It’s too big.

How am I going to find a house that isn’t on the market or the seller doesn’t want to sell? How am I going to write a book with no real experience? How am I going to speak to thousands of people with no good outlets? How am I going to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars when I barely bring in a portion of that in a year?

I don’t know.

That’s God’s job, and this is where it’s going to get fun!

What is your dream?

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