2015 Word of the Year: Ready. Set. Attack.

What’s the Word?

2015 Word of the Year - attack

Every year for the past 4 years (this being my 5th), I’ve chosen one word I want to focus on for the year. It started out kind of randomly and haphazard. I didn’t have a plan or concept of what I wanted, but it blew up in an amazing way. Now I am more intentional about the word I choose.

Here’s the history:

2011 – Freedom
2012 – Risk
2013 – Transformation
2014 – Vision

Looking at this list of word, remembering where I was in 2010 and thinking about where my family and I are now; I am amazed. Each year the word I chose what both prophetic and educational. It pointed to where I was to go, but also taught me about myself, life in general and God.

But I know I’ve left the potential for more on the table.

There is more!

Last year was a year of bringing my vision into focus. It was about paring down and cutting back. It was about doing what was most important while dreaming about more.

At the same time, I know there was more to learn. I didn’t put much thought into my word through a majority of the year. There was more there for the taking. I wasn’t intentional enough.

Part of that intentionality comes right here. This blog is a place for me to process my thoughts, but I got it confused for something more…bigger. I looked at it as just a step to a dream (writing). I saw it as a place to be known. But it’s not.

It’s a place for me to learn.


So my Word for 2015 is ATTACK. I’m ready to attack life again. I want to attack writing. I want to attack design and creation. I want to attack my shortcomings. I want to attack my relationship with God.

Kind of raw.

This is more raw than normal. No clever anecdotes. No fun thoughts. Those will be back.

Right now I’m in attack mode.

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