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Meeting daily together…

Every Monday through Thursday morning our staff meets at 8:30 to read a passage of scripture, a short devotion and pray together. It’s always a little different, but a couple of weeks ago we didn’t something I’ve never done before.

After reading a Psalm written by David, we were challenged to write our own Psalm.

My Psalm on

According to THIS concise article on, a psalm is one of 7 things (probably several, if not all):

  • Poem
  • Song
  • Expression of worship
  • Private
  • Prayer
  • Praise

The Psalms found in the bible are true Hebrew poetry, written in a specific style. I can’t claim that for my psalm. Nor can I claim a song. It is my private (now public) expression of worship and praise. It is my prayer of praise.

My Psalm

God, You are everlasting.

Your power reaches into and through all places. Yet you are kind and merciful to the humble. You give grace to the those in need.

You took me from shame, and You lifted me to honor. You remind me of who I am in You.

You continually save me from my greatest enemy – myself. You turn my poor and selfish choices into your glory.

Thank you, God. Thank you for your patience with me. Thank you for never giving up on me. Thank you for saving me and my family. Thank you for being strong on my behalf.

I praise you because God you are worthy.


Writing my personal psalm was a great exercise. It forced me to reflect on my life, God and what He has done for me. Most of all, it showed me the glory of God in my life.

Reflecting on David’s life today, I realized the crux of David’s humility was constantly returning all praise back to God.

It wasn’t about him. David never arrived.

I hope you see that in my psalm. I hope you create your own psalm, so you can shine glory on what God has done for you.

Today’s to-do…Write a psalm and share it in the comments.

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