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Sunday, November 29 marked the official beginning of Advent season. Advent in the church is known as a time of expectant waiting and preparation for celebration of the birth of Jesus. In Latin, Advent literally means coming. Advent can also refer to the Second Coming of Jesus.

So this Christmas (as with every Christmas) we prepare for the celebration of Jesus birth, but we expectantly wait for Jesus triumphant return to earth. To help us spiritually turn our eyes to this truth, my home church, Cross Points Church began a new Advent devotion series.

The Word is Advent on in Shawnee, Kansas

This year, we are using a daily Advent video produced by 24-7 Prayer. 24-7 produces five minute video devotionals each weekday during the Advent season. I encourage you to take part in these devotionals.

The best way to parent our children spiritually is to be spiritual people ourselves.

The Word

The theme of the devotional series is “The Word”.

In the beginning the Word already existed.
The Word was with God,
and the Word was God.
John 1:1

Each day, as a staff, we meet and talk about God, the bible and more. November 30 we discussed the opening video. Our discussion centered around a time in our lives when Scripture changed the course of our lives. It was so neat to hear the different stories around the room of how God used His Word to operate in our hearts.

Personally, I thought back to my last days in college. Kia and I were already married and looking forward to our future with each other and God. We were in that stage of life when the constant and consistent question was,

What is next?

At some point in that time frame, I read, heard or came across this Scripture referring to Abraham –

He was fully convinced that God is able to do whatever he promises. -Romans 4:21

Like, Abraham, I knew God had promised me things. Very distinctly, I remember feeling God had spoken to me “success”. He would make me successful where ever my journey would lead.

Being convinced.

Over the years, I’ve come back to this scripture. I’ve had to remember to trust in God’s promise. I had to remember God is able to do what He promises. I had to convince myself, as Abraham was convinced.


I don’t always see success. At different and varying times in my life my relationships aren’t a success, my business isn’t a success, my finances aren’t a success, my family isn’t a success, even my relationship with God isn’t a success.

More accurately, I was failing.

But God is faithful. Even more now, than 20 years ago, I am convinced God is more than able to fulfill His promises to me. I kept walking forward while believing in the promise He made to me.

Are you convinced?

We become convinced of God’s goodness in our lives by reading His Word. If you aren’t convinced God will fulfill your promises (whatever they may be), you need a Scripture that will operate in your heart.

What is it? You may not know, or you may know exactly what it is. If you do know, go back to it. If you don’t know, start searching for it.

Become convinced through God’s faithful Word.

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