Word of the Year | What I learned from ATTACK in 2015

ATTACK | Word of the Year 2015

2015 was the 5th year of the Word of the Year project for me. Each year has been it’s own unique and different experience, and as I look back I see how important each word has been for my life – both in that year and beyond. His a quick history:

2011 – FREEDOM
2012 – RISK
2014 – VISION
2015 – ATTACK

I wish I had more space, and more time, so you could hear my whole story. I wish you could truly understand how each year these individual words have been more than a project. They have been a prophecy.

Attack Fear t shirt by Andy Bondurant

In 2011, I found FREEDOM – as much from myself as anyone or any thing in my life. In 2012, I learned to RISK and ended up selling businesses, moving our family and re-starting a career. In 2013, I began to TRANSFORM into the man God has been calling me to be for years. In 2014, I began to see a VISION for myself and my family.

15 for 15

Finally, in 2015, I started to ATTACK the things I know I have been called to do. Some of these things, I’ve written about (see links), and others I’ve just thought about.

15 take aways on ATTACK from 2015 (no particular order):

  1. Don’t give into fear.
  2. Do things…especially when they’re hard.
  3. Just take a step.
  4. Set goals.
  5. It’s okay to fail.
  6. Be strong…even if I don’t feel it.
  7. Pain is always a turning point.
  8. Don’t get fat and happy…keep working!
  9. Have a dream.
  10. Offense is more fun that defense. Go on the offense!
  11. Go big or go home.
  12. Start small.
  13. Do or do not. There is no try (so start small).
  14. Get out of the boat.
  15. Enjoy the journey.

More than a Year.

My next post, I’ll share my 2016 Word of the Year. As I move on to this new word, I’m reminded of something I realized several years into this project.

ATTACK isn’t just for 2015. It will stay with me. What I learned in 2011 with FREEDOM I am reminded of regularly. What I saw in 2014 with VISION continues to speak to me.

If you played along in 2015, and/or plan to join me in 2016, realize your word will continue to speak in and through you – possibly for life. I hope this is an encouragement. It is for me.

So here’s to ATTACKing for years to come!

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