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Not so clever

Most times I like to start off with some clever story about my past, something I’ve read or some hilarious thing my kid’s done. I’m not so clever today. I have a couple of quotes, a Jesus story and a big idea – transform.

Stay with me.


And in his teaching he said, “Beware of the scribes, who like to walk around in long robes and like greetings in the marketplaces and have the best seats in the synagogues and the places of honor at feasts, who devour widows’ houses and for a pretense make long prayers. They will receive the greater condemnation.”  -Mark 12:38-40 ESV

Nicky Gumbel said this about that passage –

Speaking for myself, I find that hypocrisy is always a danger in my own life. It is a temptation to be concerned about position, platforms, titles and honors.

I can relate.

Whenever I find recognition, I crave more. I try to raise myself on the platform of social media. I strive to increase my likes, views and comments using the great things God has done in my life.

transform: there is a fine line between sharing from the heart and sharing for my heart -andy bonduranttransform: there is a fine line between sharing from the heart and sharing for my heart -andy bondurant

transform: there is a fine line between sharing from the heart and sharing for my heart -andy bondurant

Is this wrong? Not exactly, but there is a fine line between posting FROM my heart and posting FOR my heart.

Why do I strive?

A friend of mine is fasting social media for lent. He made a quick exception to explain why he’s not as active. This is part of what he said –

Social media is such a great tool in so many ways, but I find myself slowly drifting into a “self centered and awareness zone.”

It’s amazing how SELF conscious and centered I am, posting about MY LIFE happenings as if I crave attention – checking my “likes and comments.”

His words are like a knife through my heart. Why am I so self aware? Why do I strive so hard?

I strive to be successful. Not all bad, but it’s as if I try to fit God into my plan of success.

Eugene Peterson, the author of The Message translation of the Bible says this,

‘God cannot fit into our plans, we must fit into his. We can’t use God – God is not a tool or appliance or credit card. Holy is the word that sets God apart and above our attempts to enlist him in our wish-fulfillment fantasies or our utopian schemes for making our mark in the world. Holy means that God is alive on God’s terms, alive in a way that exceeds our experience and imagination. Holy refers to life burning with an intense purity that transforms everything it touches into itself.’


Here’s the crazy, mind blowing thing I can’t wrap my arms around. The more I submit my dreams, plans, goals and vision to God, the more He makes it happen. It makes all the striving for success, greatness, fame look so pitiful in comparison.

That is the “holy” part of God that Peterson talks about. It’s transformation.

My 2013 Word of the Year was Transform, and I’ve learned I only transform through being submission.

When I submit, God takes what I offer, He burns away the worthless parts, and He transforms it into something beautiful. I simply can’t buy, trade, tweet or post my way to that. No amount of likes, shares or followers does what He does.

This is the fine line I walk. As I submit, He gives back…which means I must choose to submit again. He wants my heart to be aligned with his. This is transformation.

God wants it for me, but God also wants it for you.

This is my challenge for you today. Choose one thing in your life to submit to God. Tell Him it’s His, no strings attached. Then wait and see what happens.

You’ll be amazed.

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