Why does God matter?

Does marriage even matter?

Yesterday, I jumped into my “work” truck to run an errand. It was tuned to a talk radio station I don’t normally listen to. I entered in the middle of two young women’s discussion about marriage. Both, as far as I could tell, were in serious relationships, but not married. Definitely one, and probably both, had absolutely no intention of ever getting married.

As I listened, I began to argue in my head why marriage matters. Why is a marriage ceremony, wedding rings and vows better than simply loving and staying with the same person for your entire life (a la Goldie Hawn & Kurt Russell).

However, I couldn’t argue from my perspective – a white, middle class, married, moderate to conservative, Christian man. I needed to think from their point of view – young, middle class, moderate to liberal, non-religious women (they made enough statements to justify my suspicions).

Does God Matter? by andy bondurant

I honestly couldn’t think of anything better than a tax break.

I heard God speak because of that work truck radio. Marriage only matters when God matters.

Why God matters.

Monday through Friday, my church has a free daily devotion accessible online. Every day is a little different. Some devotions are written by a staff member, others are devotions written by old pastors, theologians or deep thinkers.

This week, we’ve been focusing on a series written by a famous preacher from the 19th century – Charles Spurgeon. We’ve read and discussed as a staff things like God’s omniscience, omnipotence and immutability (unchanging).

One day, we focused on “God is Eternal”. More specifically, how He operates is eternal. Through the cycles of history in general and the cycles of our own lives, specifically, God continues.

Lord, through all the generations
    you have been our home!
Before the mountains were born,
    before you gave birth to the earth and the world,
    from beginning to end, you are God.  -Psalm 90:1-2

Another word for this is covenant.

For all of time, God has continued to care for, protect, watch over, and yes, discipline His people. This people has increased over time from a nation group to a belief group, but the covenant has stayed the same. It started thousands of years ago through a man named Abraham, and it continues today in me and others who believe like me (millions upon millions of people).

Connection and Covenant

A common question I hear from people, “How do I connect with God?”

One of the first steps is to come to grips with this truth. Who God is, and how He operates, never changes. He is eternal.

You connect with God through His covenant. If you do, everything in life begins to matter differently. Marriage suddenly makes a difference. It’s not just about you and another person. It’s about God, and His covenant with you and that person. Marriage is suddenly sacred!

It’s why God matters.

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