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What are you selling?

So, I was watching American Idol with Kia (her favorite show I think), and I haven’t watched a whole lot this season. Past seasons, I’ve watched a lot more. It’s been tough to really get into it, because except for a few of them their either isn’t a lot of talent or personality – from […]

Fantasy Football

This may be it, it may be time to hang up the Fantasy Football cleats. I’ve been playing fantasy sports for the past 10 year or so (starting out with NBA Basketball – truthfully still my favorite. Long enough ago that it was done before the internet and involved getting spreadsheets in the mail on […]

Coldplay in concert

Well, yesterday was my birthday. The big number 3 5! I had sent Kia a couple of ideas for my birthday (not going to mention the others for fear of jinxing myself – haven’t gotten most of the presents yet). Well, she last minute, came through on one of them. She took me to the […]

Dream Job…pt 2

I don’t know if you could really call this a dream job, but it is still amazing to me that people get paid for doing this type of stuff. I stumbled on this blog/website the other day. So I was intrigued after reading about 2 posts or so, then I went to her about page, […]

Boys and their toys…

Yes, even I have this weakness. So, last weekend I was on a short trip to pick up this awesome piece of machinery. I made my first auto purchase on ebay, and it’s pretty cool. It drives just fine. I drove it 3 hours home from just East of Joplin, Missouri. The pick-up in and […]