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It could be so much bigger than a T-shirt!

KONY 2012 revisited A little over 1 month ago, Invisible Children made a big viral splash with their KONY 2012 video. It had over 100 million views in less than a week! Big name celebrities were talking about it. Major news outlets covered it. The purpose was awareness – not action…awareness. Yes, you could act […]

Hiding from reality? 5 ways to become more real.

Ready Player One A couple of weeks ago, I read, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It’s a goldmine for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, the 80’s, video games, role-playing games, or a mixture of any of those. It’s a kind of nerd’s paradise. It’s set in postapocalyptic United States in 2044 and follows Wade Watts. Young […]

The top 11 life posts on 2011

It all flows from your life. Of all 3 categories, this was the most fun for me. It gave me a glimpse of what I’ve dealt with, struggled through, and overcome. Your business and photography will only be as deep and successful as your life. It’s why The Collective dedicates a third of our categories […]

The downside of fame

The quest for fame is everywhere When I was much younger and began to work with the children and youth of our church (which was a big church – around 3000 people) the pastoral staff sat on stage for Sunday morning services. I’m not really sure why, but during the singing and everything until the […]

What are you investing into your clients?

I didn’t enter my the business world as my adult life was beginning. I started out as a professional minister. For 10 years I worked with kids, teens and parents in a couple of Kansas City churches. That beginning has given me a different way of operating business. With that thought in mind, let me ask […]

Moving beyond fear, doubt and worry – it’s not about me.

Last Sunday, I made this simple note for myself. It’s not about me. The note came from the sermon I was listening to at church. It was in reference to more spiritual things, but I applied it to business. It’s a broad principle that goes way beyond my business, the photography business, or anything in […]

Lead with Passion & Have a Story to Tell – Jessica Jackley

About a month ago, I downloaded the TED app for my iPad. I love what TED does and stands for, but for some reason I never used it until earlier this week. I finally fired up the app, and found a couple of really good talks, but I think this was my favorite. The talk […]