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The death and resurrection of dreams – Happy Easter!

Today is Easter. That probably is not shock to most people. I think it’s not a surprise to anyone who has been following me for anytime that I am a Christian; a pretty devout Christian at that. That makes today important. I actually am writing this on Friday – Good Friday – the day that […]

Moving beyond fear, doubt and worry – it’s not about me.

Last Sunday, I made this simple note for myself. It’s not about me. The note came from the sermon I was listening to at church. It was in reference to more spiritual things, but I applied it to business. It’s a broad principle that goes way beyond my business, the photography business, or anything in […]

Making time to do what you love

I posted the other day about being devoted to creating art. In my mind, that means you take the time to: decipher what you love. devote time to do what you love. I believe that we are all bent toward different ways of creation. Some may be bent toward creating art through photography, oil paint, […]

Life is Precious

Three years ago, I wrote about a near tragedy happening in our family. Our neice (Kia’s brother’s daughter) was born two months early. As is the case most of the time, it was really touch and go for a while. The situation was very poignant for Kia and I. Beale (our youngest) had been born […]

2011 – What’s Your Word for the Year?

Kia meets with a friend on a weekly basis to help her stay grounded. Someone to help her not get too high or too low. Another person in her life to be a sounding board and a friend. So they came up with this plan to pick a word for 2011 that would help them […]

Creating Margin in your Life and Business

Last week I was swamped between life and business. At the end of the week, I had to make some choices. Do I blog or do I let it rest? Do I Facebook or do I let it rest? Do I twitter or do I let it rest? A quick look back at my activity […]


Sunday our pastor preached a sermon on thankfulness. Specifically being thankful as opposed to being angry and cynical (what he considers the exact opposite of thankfulness). Two great points he made. In general, he sees people who are really angry and/or cynical. More angry than they were 15-20 years ago. People are angry about the […]

Lead with Passion & Have a Story to Tell – Jessica Jackley

About a month ago, I downloaded the TED app for my iPad. I love what TED does and stands for, but for some reason I never used it until earlier this week. I finally fired up the app, and found a couple of really good talks, but I think this was my favorite. The talk […]

Your Cheese is Going to be Moved. What are you Going to do?

I recently came across this article from the USA Today about the decline in the cable and satallite subscriptions across the country. Here is the crux of what the article says: The country’s eight largest publicly traded pay-TV companies, representing about 85% of the subscriber total, had reported their results for the third quarter by […]

How to stay CREATIVE

For a good portion of my life I thought that creativity was something that was innate. I believed that a person was either creative or you weren’t. Several years ago, I began to realize that this wasn’t true, I realized that I was creative (I had thought I was one of those who wasn’t creative), […]