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Snap is a great Wordpress Plugin for

It’s a SNAP on WordPress!

WordPress Love I love using WordPress. It is as easy or as deep as you want it to be. You can spend minutes or hours depending on your need and level of expertise. It’s a great fit for me. If you need a website – for anything – I highly recommend giving WordPress a shot. […]

How you respond to dopamine and cortisol determine how you lead

Oh man, that feels good!

My drug of choice. My last post, I summarized a portion of Simon Sinek’s book, Leaders Eat Last. In it he contends as a culture we are increasingly becoming addicted to 2 natural chemicals in our body – dopamine and cortisol. Every time you achieve something find or something you are looking for you receive shot of dopamine. Cortisol […]

My best posts (you may have missed). [UPDATE]

Scroll down to see an addition from this week. It occurred to me yesterday that a few of my best posts you may have never read. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be featured as a guest writer for the Animoto blog. First, if you don’t know about Animoto, you need to go now and […]