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Thankfulness and resources on Andy

Cows. Cows. Everywhere are cows!

A Long Haul This summer, I spent 10 hours driving from Denver to Kansas City. As a kid, I made this same drive, and it seemed like an eternity locked in a steel box. Somehow, it’s not nearly so horrible at 43, but it’s still not fun. There isn’t a lot to do, and there […]

I know you are a leader by Andy Bondurant so lead well

I Know This About You

I Know This About You. I have a core philosophy on leadership. Are you ready? It’s not easy to comprehend. Okay, maybe it’s not so difficult…here it is. Everyone is a leader. You are a leader. If no one else, you are leading your family. Most likely you are leading beyond this. It could be […]

Everyone is a leader. Lead to last on Andy

Lead to Last

You are a leader. I have a simple philosophy about leadership. You are a leader. Everyone is a leader. I don’t care who you are. I don’t care what you do in life. I don’t care where you’ve come from or where you are heading. You are a leader. You may be a mom leading […]

Old but relevant news. Steve Jobs was a jerk.

Steve Jobs changed the world. I recently finished the biography Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson. Early this week I shared a 2 part post called “7 ways be like Steve Jobs” 7 Ways to be like Steve Jobs pt 1 7 Ways to be like Steve Jobs pt 2 You could call the above the positive Steve […]

A life lesson at the check-out stand.

This past week, I was in charge of the house. Kia was in Las Vegas for a fashion buying trip (for spa Connects). Beale and I went to the local grocery store Monday afternoon. Going to the grocery store is a regular part of my life.When it comes time to check out, I have certain […]