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Happy Thanksgiving!

Just want to write a quick note to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving! After making some pumpkin pie and watching the parades, and the first few minutes of a horrible football game (aren’t all Thanksgiving games horrible…why is that?), I will going to my mom’s and hanging with her side of the family with Kia […]

Ever feel like this?

A friend of mine sent this time me the other day (check out his site…deep thinker and great guy). I know I do…have a great day (and double check your calendars).

What Meatloaf was trying to say…

I had such a great feedback from posting the Total Eclipse of the Heart video that I posted last week, that I thought I should definitely post this one too. This is Meatloaf’s “I Would do Anything for Love” and as funny as Total was I think this may be funnier. It takes a little […]

Total Eclipse of the Heart

This will make you cry from laughing. Sarah Smith shared this with us when we saw her at ONE. What were they thinking when this video was originally made? Now you know…    

Woodstock – 40th Anniversary Lessons

I stayed up late Friday night watching a documentary on the 40th anniversary of Woodstock (which unless you’ve been in a cave for the past few days – I’m sure you’ve heard about). It focused quite a bit on the promoters and what they went through to get Woodstock up and running and of course […]

14 years

I woke up this morning to the alarm at 6:45. I had been debating on whether to get up at this point all night. I started doing a work-out program (P90X) with Kia and her family (mom, brother and his wife) this week. It’s been kicking my butt. Kia is a little more committed than […]

Never, never, never give in!

This week I finished a sort of follow up book to Jim Collin’s Good to Great – it’s called How the Mighty Fall. In it Collins tries to track and pinpoint why some of the companies tracked in Good to Great fell so hard (Circuit City, Scott Paper, etc). He came up with 5 stages of decline. Here’s the thing […]

I am not participating in this recession…

I don’t follow Dave Ramsey much, but our church showed this promo video on Sunday and I was really struck by it. I do have a choice in what I do, and how I respond to financial situation all around me.   I hope you enjoy it…I am an American, and I am not participating […]

What are you selling?

So, I was watching American Idol with Kia (her favorite show I think), and I haven’t watched a whole lot this season. Past seasons, I’ve watched a lot more. It’s been tough to really get into it, because except for a few of them their either isn’t a lot of talent or personality – from […]

Fantasy Football

This may be it, it may be time to hang up the Fantasy Football cleats. I’ve been playing fantasy sports for the past 10 year or so (starting out with NBA Basketball – truthfully still my favorite. Long enough ago that it was done before the internet and involved getting spreadsheets in the mail on […]