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The Restore Project by Andy Bondurant

Introducing The Restore Project

Introducing The Restore Project Yesterday, I launched a brand new website – The Restore Project. It’s a dedicated site for my t-shirts. I’m really excited about both the site, and the future for The Restore Project. Here’s the story… Short Version Immigration, walls, reform – most of us don’t have the solution. Through long talks with people […]

Peace versus worry. You must have trust

Blowing up in the Back Seat

Don’t Worry… Years ago – Kia and I were on our way home from a vacation. We were returning from Colorado with friends (about a 10 hour drive). The trip had been great. Kia and I had connected deeper in our marriage. We bonded with our friends. The destination was beautiful. It was an easy, fun trip. However, I was […]

The Bondurant's have a new dog - Charlie Louise

Sending to Sent: Have you landed?

What have we done? Kia and I took a big step. We did something we’ve been putting off for years. We moved forward on something people have called us crazy for. We took a leap. Late nights. Early mornings. Crying. Feeding. Walking. Little sleep. No, it’s not a baby…we got a puppy. Labor Day Monday […]

no one wants the middle seat on

It’s Good in the Middle

Not the middle! When in grade school, I’m not sure the exact stigma, but it was a well known fact you never took the middle urinal. Right or left were perfectly fine, but never the middle. The same is true for airplane seats, except I know exactly the reason why. When you don’t know the person […]


Awkward and out of place

Orange Conference 2014 As I write this post, I am attending a conference for children, youth, young adult and family ministers. It’s called Orange (where church – red – and family – yellow – come together). The sheer size and scope is pretty amazing. There are over 6000 people in attendance from 48 states and […]

Andy Bondurant writes about being surprised by joy in Shawnee Kansas

Surprised by Joy

Kalos Christmas This past Christmas season, Cross Points Church implemented Kalos Christmas. Kalos is a Greek word taken from scripture that reflects good or beautiful works. These good works are just nice deeds, but they come from within an individual – it’s an inward beauty being displayed by outward actions. At Cross Points we ask […]