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It’s okay. You’re not alone. (revisited)

One year ago… Last year, I wrote a post with the same title. It came after a road trip Kia and I took with our family. On the way to and from visiting my dad in Florida (from KC), we visited photographers from all over. As we talked with these people the common thread we […]

Need help? Then start the process.

A Good Samaritan. Last week, I did something I am not prone to do…I became a Good Samaritan. Kia and I were near the Branson, Missouri area running a few errands while on vacation. I pulled out of Walgreens, and in front of me was a car stalled in the middle of the intersection. I […]

Hiding from reality? 5 ways to become more real.

Ready Player One A couple of weeks ago, I read, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. It’s a goldmine for anyone who enjoys sci-fi, the 80’s, video games, role-playing games, or a mixture of any of those. It’s a kind of nerd’s paradise. It’s set in postapocalyptic United States in 2044 and follows Wade Watts. Young […]

It’s okay. You’re not alone.

Time for a road trip. Last weekend, Kia and I returned from a 13 day road trip with our 4 kids. We logged over 3000 miles and 9 states of driving. Our goal was my dad and step-mom in West Palm Beach, Florida, but along the way we stopped to visit family and friends. Some […]

Are you zealous?

Zealous isn’t a word I use very often in my everyday life. Zealous means to be full of zeal. Zeal isn’t a word I use very often in my everyday life. The definition of zeal: fervor for a person, cause, or object; eager desire or endeavor; A long weekend/short week. This past Labor Day weekend, Kia and I and the kids took off for Colorado. […]

…never been to Portland in June..

Kia and I just got back from a several day trip to Portland, Oregon, and I have to say that Portland is both a beautiful and inspiring city. Portland is full of artistic and creative people who have made their downtown (and I assume beyond) a wonderful place to visit and live. We chose to […]

It’s been 15 Years…

15 years ago today, I made a life changing commitment. 15 years ago today, I married my wife, Kia Gabrielle Antisdel Bondurant. As they say, it’s changed my life. We were pretty young, 20 and 21, so in a lot of ways I haven’t known an adult life without her. Honestly, I can’t think of […]

That Old Story

You know the old story don’t you. The one about the cobbler’s son? The story that goes, “Everyone had shoes but the cobbler’s son.” Yeah, that’s pretty much the story of our life when it comes to any sort of trip, special event, or vacation. Kia does a pretty good job or remembering the camera […]

If you could do anything with your life…

Do you have a dream job? Maybe you don’t have a dream job, per se, but you do have things that you love to do, and if you could somehow combine them with making money (enough to be make a living) it would be a dream job. This guy, from my standpoint, has a dream […]