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Image by Andy Bondurant in Palm Springs, California

Open Space [Revisited]

Joshua Tree While on my trip to California, Kia and I drove through Joshua Tree National Park. The park is considered the high desert, basically desert surrounded by mountains. At one point early in the trip through the park, I stopped to take a picture. Kia suggested taking a panoramic view of the desert. This […]

What is your Word of the Year by Andy Bondurant

What’s the Word?

Word of the Year If you have read this blog much at all, you have read the term Word of the Year.You might be wondering to yourself (and others), what is the Word of the Year? As simply as possible, the Word of the Year is a New Year’s resolution summed up in 1 word. […]


We dream too small. Let me rephrase that. I dream too small. I’m part of a larger group of people who think too much like me. The truth is, it’s kind of scary to think and dream big. When we dream big we can’t see the end of the tunnel if we think it all […]

4 steps to escape the Trough of Sorrow

The Trough of Sorrrow While on vacation in June, I ran across this post on the 8Bit blog (8Bit is the creator of The Collective’s WordPress template – Standard Theme). John Saddington shared the below graphic/timeline of a start-up business. It specifically refers to a tech start-up (which will be sold or go public). The […]

stop. breathe. look. be grateful. be a blessing.

TED = Inspiration. One of my favorite places to go on the internet for inspiration is the TED channel. TED stands for Technology, Education, Design, and they host forums of presenters all over the world. These presenters give short (5-15 minute) lectures on almost any subject but mostly within the 3 core categories of Technology, […]

RIP Sam Wagner.

Life is short. I just learned a high school friend passed away from a tough battle with cancer. Sam was a son, dad, friend, artist, athlete and loved life. It felt like he was living life on his terms. Here’s a video he made last Fall highlighting his art. I have 2 simple thoughts as […]