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What do I do with this Dream? on Andy Bondurant

What to do with your dream?

The Impossible Dream Our culture celebrates big dreams. We are told to shoot for the moon, swing for the fences and climb tall mountains. We marvel at those who make it big – goals fulfilled. We encourage the ones who have stumbled along the way. I’m no different. In my last post, I shared my desire to […]

Just do it by andybondurant.com

As Nike Once Said…Just Do It.

July 8th I told you I was taking a month long break. Those 4 weeks quickly turned into 5 then 6 and now 8. I’m back, but can I let you in on a secret? I don’t want to be back. I haven’t lost my passion. I still care about you. I love to write. […]

Have you gotten soft? 4 values of hard work.

2 BIG Projects In the past few weeks I’ve completed 2 big projects that required an amount of hard, physical labor on my part. A beautiful garden First, I promised Kia a set of raised garden beds for her Mother’s Day gift. I spent a weekend doing research, gathering materials, building and installing the boxes. […]

The weekly wrap on The Collective

As I sit here to prepare this post I can hardly believe that it was just this past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving. I seem to have done so much in the past week that Thanksgiving seems weeks in the past. I hope that you had a beautiful weekend with your friends and family. I did. […]

Are you doing hard work or working hard?

You say potato… Maybe it’s truly only a matter of semantics, but there is a difference between hard work and working hard. My post on Tuesday suggested that hard work is a key to success in life. I referred to an interview with Freeman Hrabowski from The University of Maryland – Baltimore. This is what Hrabrowski […]