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You can speak peace in your life

Peace! Be still!

I’ve got you, babe… 2009 was not a good year for me. My business was failing – I lost $100,000 in one week. Kia’s business was faltering – a luxury services don’t sell in a down economy. Relationships were stressed – financial problems don’t make for warm fuzzies. Everything was falling apart. Have one of these years? In […]

Everyone is my neighbor, but not just anyone on Andy Bondurant

Neighbor: Everyone not just Anyone

Who is my neighbor? There is an intrinsic understanding in everyone to care for the people around us. It’s natural to help the people we’re close to, but it’s not normal to help someone we don’t know. It’s even more unusual to help someone we don’t like. So there is a question we all ask ourselves regularly, […]

Light of Jesus is alive on Easter! AndyBondurant.com

the Light is coming!

The power of Light. Last Sunday, all around the world, people celebrated Palm Sunday. The celebration was a reminder of Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem. We joined in the praises, shouts and cheers the people directed toward Jesus. You can’t imagine that day without a bright, sunny and cheerful setting. It’s the high point of Jesus’ ministry. He’s a […]

Alive by Hillsong Young and Free on AndyBondurant.com

Young. Free. Alive.

Living Water You are alive in us Nothing can take Your place You are all we need Your love has set us free I’ve been listening to the Hillsong Young & Free album for months now. I love the mix of current sound with inspiring worship. Sounds cheesy, but it’s really true. The above lines are […]