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How to go from survive to live, what's your why?

Survive or Live

12 Years a Slave In the movie 12 Years a Slave (adapted by the book of the same title), Solomon Northup is stolen from his freedom in the North to be a slave in the South. Solomon has lived a majority of his life as a free man, so the thought of slavery is completely […]

Andy Bondurant Traveling to Wyoming

How to have a bigger story.

Big Story. Small World. When forced to work within a strict framework the imagination is taxed to it’s utmost — and will produce its richest ideas. Given total freedom the work is likely to sprawl.  -T.S. Eliot Our lives are works of art. I’m convinced of this. In order to have a bigger and better […]

Wrapping up The Collective

I’m always amazed at where traffic come from each week. Some weeks it’s obvious an influential person shared via email, tweet or Facebook. Other weeks it’s a great post that goes viral. This week it was a month old post that gained new life – Amy Knollmeyer’s Real Life Example of Growing a HS Senior […]