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What does it mean to have BOLD goals?

So math isn’t my strong suit.

Word of the Year | Bold 2016 is all about BOLD. I’m focusing on BOLD prayers, goals and dreams. I shared some specific examples of each a couple of weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been focusing on my BOLD goal. I want to sell 1000 t-shirts, raise $5000 and send a bunch of kids to school. Read anything about […]

On the Mexico side of the Rio Grande

When 100 Yards is a Million Miles.

New Year. New Perspective. The Bondurant family started off 2016 by gaining new perspective. We journeyed what seemed like 1 million miles away, but we only needed to see 100 yards across a river. Kia and I and the whole family (all 6 of us) took a trip to Reynosa, Mexico, just south of the border from […]