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Are You Winning?

The Lovable Losers It is playoff baseball time again. My Royals didn’t make the postseason, but I’m enjoying following the teams still in it. The Chicago Cubs clinched the last spot to face the Cleveland Indians. The Cubs won the series handily against the Los Angeles Dodgers, but early on it was not so sure. […]

Thankfulness and resources on Andy Bondurant.com

Cows. Cows. Everywhere are cows!

A Long Haul This summer, I spent 10 hours driving from Denver to Kansas City. As a kid, I made this same drive, and it seemed like an eternity locked in a steel box. Somehow, it’s not nearly so horrible at 43, but it’s still not fun. There isn’t a lot to do, and there […]

David battled goliath as part of a team. Who's on your team?

Of myths and giants (and team)

Myth David defeated his giant Goliath alone, so I must defeat my giant alone. Reality David had a king and nation at his back. David had a God at his side. David defeated Goliath with a team. David stepped forward, picked out 5 smooth stones and walked out to to face the giant, but he was never alone. When […]

Teamwork is needed to achieve big dreams

Single. Uno. Solitary. Solo.

The American Dream. The myth is its possible and probable to be successful on your own. You pull yourself up by your own bootstraps. You do it alone. No one helps you. No one gives you a break. That, of course, is a myth. We all need help, and we achieve so much more in tandem than when flying solo. […]

A life lesson at the check-out stand.

This past week, I was in charge of the house. Kia was in Las Vegas for a fashion buying trip (for spa Connects). Beale and I went to the local grocery store Monday afternoon. Going to the grocery store is a regular part of my life.When it comes time to check out, I have certain […]