Silence is…Impossible

Silence is…Impossible

I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase – “Silence is golden.”

If you are a parent of young children never have truer words been spoken. There can never be enough silence if you live in a household of toddlers.

As my children have aged, silence is still hard to come by…possibly even harder. Now there are games, gadgets and friends to add to the noise. Noise comes from all directions – music, voices, the dog barking, footsteps.

Consider this, even when the noise of your world is silenced, the larger world around us isn’t. A passing car, the air conditioner kicking on, water running, wind blowing or even birds singing.

Silence isn’t golden. Silence is…impossible.

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Called to silence.

In spite of the impossibility of silence, God calls me to it. The silence He wants for me isn’t from audible noise, it’s silence in my heart and head. Quieting these deep places, so I can see and hear Him.

I was reminded of this truth during a 21 day period of prayer last month. As I reflected on the power of silence, I wrote down several steps to find meaning in these moments. Some of these steps are universal, others are more personal. For you it may look different – determine how you can find meaning in your silence.

1. Stop

You will never silence your heart if aren’t intentional about it. That means purposefully slowing down and collecting your thoughts. It could be in your car, in bed, preparing for work or any other time that works for you. Take a moment to silence your heart and mind.

2. Be still

Once you’ve stopped, still and quiet your mind. This is honestly the hardest part of the whole process. In these moments, a laundry list will rush through your mind. Every project you haven’t finished will come back to memory. Push them away.

One way I’ve found to do this is focusing on my Word of the Year. Literally focus on that one word. Ask God to speak to your heart about that word. Listen, because He will speak…

3. Loud thoughts

Listen for “loud thoughts.” It is difficult to describe, but they are those thoughts rising above chatter in your head. These are thoughts and ideas packed with insight and meaning – from beyond you.

The secret is they are from beyond you. They are from God. He is speaking to you in these moments.

4. Rest

Now rest. Rest in what God has spoken through these loud thoughts. Reflect on those words. What does it mean for you? Do you need to change something? Do you need to take a step?

5. Write

Too often, I’ve had a loud thought, but failed to write it down. When I go back to what God spoke, I forget the details.

Write down the thought. Write down the other details. Write the steps.

Don’t forget.

6. Believe

Just as important as writing down the thought, is believing what you write. You will be tempted to discount it. Don’t do it!

Believe God wants to and has spoken to you.

Hurry Up (and get silent)!

True and complete silence is impossible; silencing your heart and mind isn’t. This week, find a few moments to be silent. You’ll be amazed at what God has to say to you.

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