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Frank Underwood and Satan have a lot in common by Andy Bondurant

Satan is Frank Underwood

TV eats your brain Sometimes writing is hard. Writing something original is really hard. Watching TV all weekend makes writing really, really hard. This fall, I watched the first season of House of Cards on Netflix. I don’t recommend it. It’s dark. It make’s me feel dirty after watching it. On the other hand, lead […]

Andy Bondurant holding hands with his son

Hanging on for dear life with open hands

Palms Up… In his book Love Does, lawyer/activist Bob Goff describes how he instructs his clients to posture during a deposition – So when my clients are being deposed, I tell them all the same thing each time: sit in the chair and answer the questions, but do it with your hands palms up the […]

Image of the Santa Monica Pier by Andy Bondurant

7 Reasons You Took the Chicken Exit.

Word of the Year I totally believe in the Word of the Year concept. One word to focus on the entire year, and allow it to work in your mind, soul and spirit. Word of the Year is a new year’s resolution summed up in 1 word. You don’t believe I know some of you […]

Andy Bondurant in the Desert of Joshua Tree National Forest

How to escape the desert.

The Vision and the Desert. Earlier this week, I posted about how the size of your vision is many times equitable to the length of you stay in the desert (thank you Andy Stanley). I also shared 3 ways to survive the desert: Don’t give up. Die tryin’. Find a companion (or two). I thought […]

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

The Vision and the Desert

Vision: Word of the Year 2014. Last week, I shared my 2014 Word of the Year. I was so excited when it came to me. It was the exact thing I had been attempting to put into a single word for weeks. VISION. I want to have a clear and distinct VISION for my family, […]

Truck folk art near Palm Springs California. Image by Andy Bondurant

2014 Word of the Year

What’s my word? The past couple of weeks, I’ve attempted to clarify my 2014 Word of the Year. I’ve had a general sense, but I just couldn’t hit on the exact word. That is until Thursday. Kia and I are on a week vacation (sans children!) in sunny California. We are spending plenty of time […]