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3 tips to growth in any organization by Andy Bondurant

3 Tips to Grow Any Organization

You are a leader! You are an important part of your organization – job, church, little league team, civic group, and even family. It doesn’t matter what role you play, you are vital. You are vital because you are a leader. You may not have the title or position, but people are following you. They […]

I'm unlocking doors and opening windows to my heart on

Unlocking Doors & Opening Windows

Today’s the Day! I’ve found most people struggle to know how to connect with God, so I created a tool to take the first step down the path of peace of mind and heart. Today I release 30 Steps Toward God. This book features 30 daily devotions – short segments of the bible, my thoughts on that scripture […]

It's time to slow down on

It’s time to SLOW DOWN

Give me a break! This week, I’m tired. I worked Friday night (a normal day off), I worked a longer than normal Sunday, and I had an extra long day on Monday. Concurrently, I’m also pushing myself on some personal projects which keep me up late most nights. I need to slow down. I need a break. […]

Permission is trust. Trust is earned by Andy Bondurant

Mother May I?

BOLD ideas This year, I’m consistently journaling my thoughts, ideas, concerns, prayers. This new habit also has me looking back at old thoughts. I recently came across this quote – Too often we get God ideas, but we ask the wrong people for permission.  -Jon Acuff It is from the Orange Conference almost two years ago. Jon […]

What do you want by

What do you want?

The Black Category As I write, the Oscars are on television. The buzz around the Oscar awards this year was the second consecutive year without any black nominees in the major award categories. Several well known figures were outspoken about boycotting the show (Jada Pinkett Smith, Will Smith, Spike Lee, etc). Chris Rock, the host of […]

dream big dreams. Small dreams leave no room for a miracle -andy bondurant

(don’t) Dream a Little Dream

Dream a Little Dream Dream big dreams. Small dreams have no magic.  -Dottie Boreyko Abraham is 99 years old, and God just renewed His promise of a son through Abraham’s 89 year old wife. Abraham is honored, but he does something I might do. Laugh. I too would laugh at the absurdity of a 99 […]

Reynosa, Mexico - Homes for the Homeless

What does it mean to be BOLD?

Beyond Usual Limits My 2016 Word of the Year is BOLD. It’s the next step for me following 2015 – ATTACK. For the last 2 weeks, I’ve been praying, thinking and dreaming about BOLD. Sometimes it’s been exciting, and sometimes it’s scary. When I’m truly BOLD, I’m beyond myself. defines BOLD as – not hesitating […]

mark zuckerberg is giving it away on

Giving. 30 is the new 70.

Give it away. Give it away. Give it away now! One of the big news items this week was Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Zuckerberg became a father for the first time – a baby girl, Max. Even bigger than Zuck becoming a father was the announcement he made along with the birth news. Zuckerberg wrote an […]


The butterfly and the struggle.

The butterfly We all struggle…even butterflies. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A little boy brought home a caterpillar he finds while playing outside. Fascinated, he asked to keep it. He and his mother placed it in a jar with sticks and grass.  The little boy constantly watched the caterpillar eat and move. […]

napoleon dynamite on andy bondurant blog

May all your wildest DREAMS come true!

Napoleon Dynamite One of my all-time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. I find the mix of comic absurdity and sweet truths a great combination. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it’s a story about a social outcast (Napoleon) who finds his place through two friends (Deb & Pedro). One of the ways […]