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Reclaim Monday morning, or how to escape from past success.

My love/hate relationship with Mondays. I write this on Monday morning. My office is behind a beauty salon, which is closed on Mondays. I love Mondays because it’s quiet. I can think easily without having to block out the sound of hair dryers, clippers or local gossip. Monday also seems to be the day I […]

A Major League lesson in humility

A couple of weeks ago, a rarity occurred in Major League Baseball. You may have missed it because it involved my lowly Kansas City Royals. The Royals traded Wilson Betemit to the Detroit Tigers for a couple of minor league players – not unusual. KC traded Betemit to Detroit to play 3rd base. To make […]

What you can learn from my success (and failure).

  I reviewed Jim Axelrod’s book In the Long Run on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting much out of the book, but I came away with three points that really impacted me. The value of a father. Success isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. A don’t quit attitude can take you a long way. This […]

4 obstacles in the way of living your story

Story is living intentionally. I’ve spent a lot of my last few posts on the concept of intentionally living your story. I was challenged at the recent Storyline conference I attended in Portland, Oregon with Kia. If you’ve missed it, here are a few of the posts I’ve made about the conference and trip: Why […]

Little league lessons pt 3 (compete and win)

This past weekend marked the end of another long soccer season. I’m the coach of my daughter’s U12 team and the assistant coach for my son’s U8 team. This is a reflection on 3 things I’ve learned that apply the team you have built around you. This is the last of three posts – The importance […]

Nelson Mandela and Your Next Project

In the midst of building this site – creating content, figuring out shopping carts, beating my head against the wall, totally enjoying myself – I’ve encountered bouts of fear. Will anyone pay attention? Will it be good enough? Do I have the right mix of content? Will I make any money? Am I crazy? I […]

Happy New Year! 2010 in Review – What did you Deliver?

It’s official…2010 is over and 2011 is here. Happy New Year! I hope that no matter what your 2010 was like, 2011 will be better. When it comes to business (and most other parts of life), you have a huge part to play in how big or small, good or bad of change takes place. […]

The War of Art

A friend of mine sent an email yesterday after he had a read a book over the weekend that had profoundly affected him. I haven’t read it, but plan to take a look at it. I thought I would take a few of his thoughts and share them with you. First of all the book […]