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Can Your Kids Do This (Should Your Kids Do This)?

I’ve seen my kids attempt to climb the ways, door frames, window panes, and most all the furniture in our house. Didn’t even need candy to have them try. Maybe candy would have kept them down…

Happy New Year! 2010 in Review – What did you Deliver?

It’s official…2010 is over and 2011 is here. Happy New Year! I hope that no matter what your 2010 was like, 2011 will be better. When it comes to business (and most other parts of life), you have a huge part to play in how big or small, good or bad of change takes place. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

So many things to be thankful for… How many times have you heard that. How many times have you said it? Do we really mean it? Why does it take something like Thanksgiving, a once a year holiday, for us to truly consider it? This year, I have an even different perspective on what I […]

Did you see that game?

I’ve held off from sharing too much about the World Cup, I know a lot of people don’t care, so I don’t want to bore anyone. But WOW. I don’t know if I have enough words to describe the feeling that I went through. If you have followed the Cup or US at all, you’ve […]

14 years

I woke up this morning to the alarm at 6:45. I had been debating on whether to get up at this point all night. I started doing a work-out program (P90X) with Kia and her family (mom, brother and his wife) this week. It’s been kicking my butt. Kia is a little more committed than […]

VeggieTales saga…

I just finished reading the biography of the creator of VeggieTales (direct to video animated kids series starring vegetables) and the founder of Big Idea – Phil Vischer. It was fascinating to me to read from several standpoints. First of all, Phil is a Christian and while the videos are not overtly, down your throat […]