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It's always darkest before dawn.

Waiting for morning.

What a difference one page makes.  The books of Genesis and Exodus are back to back in the Bible. Though they are right next to each other, the end of Genesis could be no different than the beginning of Exodus. Genesis ends with the story of Joseph moving his entire family to Egypt after he […]

Joshua Tree at Joshua Tree National Park

The danger of small stories.

Glory. We all are called to live incredible, great, beautiful stories. We want to live stories where we are seen as beautiful or heroic. We want to live stories where we do things of great meaning and value. We want to live stories where we change not just our lives, but the lives of many. […]

Wonder Twins on Andybondurant.com

Wonder Twin Powers Activate!

Saturday Mornings If you are of a certain age, Saturday morning has a whole different meaning than it does now. From about 8am to noon, the 4-5 television stations in town were transformed into the cartoon channel. It was awesome! That was the days of the Smurfs, Land of the Lost (technically not a cartoon, […]

promises from God must be held onto - Andy Bondurant

Hold ’em to His Word!

Give and Take While reading through the book of Genesis this month, I’ve taken note of a constant back and forth between God and the patriarchs of Israel – Abraham, Isaac and now Jacob. It has a pattern to it: God promises. Man reminds God of His promise. God fulfills His promise. It usually doesn’t […]

Eyes lifted up to Heaven by Andy Bondurant in Shawnee Kansas

I lift my eyes up.

Sister Wives It’s Valentine’s Day. I admit I’m not so good at making sure Valentine’s (and other like holiday’s) are sufficiently covered. As bad as I have it (or make it), I can’t imagine being married to 2 women, especially literal sisters. Through no fault of his own, this is where Jacob finds himself in […]

Glory sunset in Shawnee, Kansas by Andy Bondurant

Different vs Difference

Dreamers Suck. I don’t really like dreamers. Dreamers dream a lot, but don’t do much. It’s tough to see the dream happen if you won’t work toward the dream. My “real” job is working with kids at our church – Cross Points Church. This month we are going through the story of Joseph. Joseph is […]

Image by Andy Bondurant in Palm Springs, California

Open Space [Revisited]

Joshua Tree While on my trip to California, Kia and I drove through Joshua Tree National Park. The park is considered the high desert, basically desert surrounded by mountains. At one point early in the trip through the park, I stopped to take a picture. Kia suggested taking a panoramic view of the desert. This […]

Tower Heist movie poster on AndyBondurant.com

Let’s do this thing!

The Tower Heist During my recent trip out of town, I watched the movie Tower Heist. If you haven’t seen it, it’s a comedy about a group of misfits who come together in Robin Hood fashion to take from a Wall Street mogul and distribute to those who were cheated out of their life savings. […]