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I want to be great like Michael Jordan

The Simple Truth to being Great. Find advice.

If you want to be great…take advice from someone great. Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. There have been, and there will continue to be arguments about who is the greatest of all time, but there was no question in the 1990’s. Growing up, Magic Johnson was a […]

Sorry. I am doing a GREAT work by Andy Bondurant

Best of the Best

Only the Best! I don’t often do this. In fact, I haven’t ever done it on this site, but I thought it time. Today, I am sharing with you the top posts over the last 3 months at AndyBondurant.com. These are the posts you’ve visited the most. You’ve come across them on Facebook, Twitter or […]

Greatness (or how to handle a new life).

Dealing with a new life. I’ve found myself struggling with the strangest things since recently taking a position at my home church. An example The church is 30 miles from our home. Kia and I both drive gas-hogging SUVs. For our own sake, we needed to purchase a more economical car. I went back and […]