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  • Joseph Day 5

    Joseph: Skills to Pay the Bills

    Somehow, even in his early years, Joseph recognized the importance of the presence of God and learning new skills. Those 15 years weren’t lost but an opportunity for development.

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  • Joseph Day 4_1

    Joseph: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for This

    I know this in my head, but I’m still learning in my heart how God operates outside of time and space. He speaks, and it is done. Yet for me (within time and space), times continues to pass. I still must wait.

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  • Joseph Day 3

    Joseph: The Presence is Strong in this One.

    As a young man, I believed God promised me success. I heard God, but I misunderstood what He was saying. He promised me Himself – which leads to success.

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  • Joseph Day 2

    Judah: A Road to Redemption

    Shame is a cycle, and if it’s not broken, it will lead to destruction. But this is exactly what God specializes in…redemption. God sees more in Judah than he sees in himself, so God pursues Judah with an unlikely person – a prostitute who is actually his daughter-in-law.

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  • Joseph Day 1a

    Joseph: A Story of Redemption

    Last month I read through the story of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 37-50). Each day I was challenged to share what I learned. Here was my insight for Genesis 37.

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  • God creates something from nothing

    From Nothing to Something

    Close your eyes… No seriously, participate in this little action with me. You can’t close your eyes (and still read this) but imagine nothing. Okay, I know that’s hard, but as best you can imagine empty space, no creation, vast blankness. Now to this empty space, add a light (someplace, somewhere, somehow). Now add a […]

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