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  • Sometimes it is okay to rest...relax on Andybondurant.com

    Spoons, Liar and Relax

    Spoons, Lying and Relaxing This weekend, I celebrated Independence Day like most people. I hung out with my family. I read, I slept, I grocery shopped and I played games with my kids. My oldest daughter just got home from camp with a couple of games to teach the family. I knew both of them, […]

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  • God is ancient and I choose Ancient by AndyBondurant

    I Choose the Ancient.

    New Versus Ancient Now all the Athenians and the foreigners who lived there would spend their time in nothing except telling or hearing something new.  -Acts 17:21 God isn’t just old. He is before time. More than that, God exists out of time. He isn’t a new idea. God has always been. God is ancient. Too […]

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  • What do you want? Have an end in mind. Parent with values on AndyBondurant.com

    Parenting 101: Begin with the End in Mind

    What do you value? I have 4 talented and gifted children. Each are different, unique and quirky. Discussing them, their activities, their talents and our family schedule, I’ve found myself having the same discussion several times over the last couple of weeks during this topic of parenting. It goes something like this: Parent: My child […]

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  • 3 tips to growth in any organization by Andy Bondurant

    3 Tips to Grow Any Organization

    You are a leader! You are an important part of your organization – job, church, little league team, civic group, and even family. It doesn’t matter what role you play, you are vital. You are vital because you are a leader. You may not have the title or position, but people are following you. They […]

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  • Jesus gave us the unforced rhythm of grace - Andybondurant.com

    Grace | Unforced Rhythms

    Grace is an Unforced Rhythm Sometimes I try way too hard. Specifically I refer to connecting with God. I’m forced. I’m rigid. I’m unnatural in my approach to Him. I make rules and regulations for myself. Read this much. Pray that long. Say these words. Think those thoughts. It’s not just me. It’s human nature […]

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  • It is well. You are forgiven, go in peace by AndyBondurant

    Most Powerful Words Ever Spoken

    Most Powerful Ever? Too many times in my life I’ve turned down opportunities. Most times the opportunities were only in my head – dreams, ideas, thoughts. No one said no but me to my dreams. Why? Let me answer by taking a short tangent. I was thinking the other day about the most powerful phrase […]

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