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  • Gospel of John | Understand the Bible

    5 Steps for You to Understand the Bible

    The Christian bible is an ancient text written by dozens of people over thousands of years spanning multiple cultures and customs. It is deep and mysterious, yet you can understand the Bible. It is accessible to you and me. Here are 5 steps to begin.

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  • How to know God…

    3 simple steps to knowing God.

    Most people make knowing God too complicated. You can know God.

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  • Joseph Day 14_1

    Joseph: Peace man

    God sees things as they ultimately should be. Know God will use evil (not cause evil, use evil) to make things the way they should be. This is true peace.

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  • Joseph Day 13

    Judah: A lion of a man

    Salvation has come. There is hope for you and me. That’s good news. Even better news is more salvation is still to come.

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  • Joseph Day 12_1

    Joseph: It’s just perfect!

    Too often I wait for the perfect time, perfect place, perfect person to do the thing I feel called to. What a waste! God can bless the imperfect places of life, so I don’t need to wait for perfection to act.

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  • Joseph Day 11_1

    Joseph: Where you go…

    I have a simple philosophy: you are a leader. Everyone leads at some point. As a leader, there is one simple rule – take your followers somewhere.

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