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I’m always amazed at where traffic come from each week. Some weeks it’s obvious an influential person shared via email, tweet or Facebook. Other weeks it’s a great post that goes viral. This week it was a month old post that gained new life – Amy Knollmeyer’s Real Life Example of Growing a HS Senior Biz (part 2).


Mermaid theme image by Kia Bondurant for The CollectiveOctober Submission Contest

The October Submission contest is out! Gather your best themed or costumed images to win some incredible prizes from WHCC (over $300 worth of value will be awarded this month).


Steve Jobs wasn’t always GREAT.

steve jobs in 1975 with WozniakA lot has been shared about Steve Jobs over the last 2 weeks. Not a lot has been said about his struggles between Apple stints. It set him up to be the incredible leader he was at his death.

I don’t need you. I have a digital camera & Photoshop!

Dr Joseph Michelli, author of The Starbucks Experience and The Zappos Experience, wrote this post about creating a WOW experience to overcome the commodification of photography (or any industry).


Authority is earned.

Simple statement. Simple thought. Not always simple to live. You earn the way people view you.

Image of airplane by Aurelia Stratton for The Collective

Insecurity Sign #5: Fear.

Aurelia Stratton continues this series on the insecurities we all face as artists, small business owners, and people. This is one of her favorite stories. How she overcame a massive fear in her life.


What REAL authentic marketing looks like.

I had an eye-opening experience recently that pointed out some flaws in authentic marketing. It takes more than a Twitter account and a blog to be real.

Shoot like Vogue: Define your perfect client.

The advertisements in Vogue that we all attempt to emulate (use as our next great idea) are thought up by someone, somewhere. Take a peak inside this process to see if you can do it yourself.


Toyota gets it right: Advertising to the generations

Building off of its strong Sienna minivan online commercial, Toyota has created a new series of television commercials for Baby Boomers. See what they’ve done and what you can do to.

Cool links of the week:

If you want more than what you see here, make sure to follow me on Twitter. I share lots more there throughout the entire week.

  • 5 Sites to Customize Facebook Timeline – The new Facebook Timeline will change the way you can display images on your profile page. Most photographers will want to use their own images, but if you want something different check out this page.
  • DareDreamerMag.com – I submitted a guest post to Ron Dawson’s blog this past week. It describes one of my biggest failures as a leader (I lost over $100,000!). Here’s a listing of the guest posts I’ve done recently.
  • Less People are Seeking Help with Debt – Short term this may be good for our businesses, however, if as a nation we don’t get over our debt issues, we will be in serious pain.

Hand Drawn elements from Amy ParrishNow available in The Collective Shop – Amy’s Hand Drawn elements!

These 50+ elements were inspired by the simple artistic style found in Shel Silverstein books and drawn by hand. This entire collection was created with enough variety to fill a custom book design or to create a series of greeting cards that are similar in style, but still unique to each client.


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