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The Secret Behind Every Great Leader

A great leader isn’t flawless, but they do always show two traits. Great leaders are humble, and they learn from their mistakes.

Being a great leader means humility

Leading through pain

Being a leader means experiencing pain and rejection – both real and perceived. How will you lead through offense? Read on for two options for you as a leader.

The number twelve represents completion and God’s power

Complete: will nothing ever change?

Complete. This is just the way things are. Do these words run through your head? It’s a lie. Jesus has the power to change the impossible.


Is the wilderness God’s punishment?

We are guaranteed to walk through the wilderness, so it God’s punishment? Spoiler alert! It’s not, and you can prepare for it! Here are two steps to take.

My imperfection = God’s delight

My Imperfection = God’s Glory?

Too often we convince ourselves our imperfection keeps us from God using us, much less God being glorified. The bible doesn’t agree.


Pain Redeemed: The Pearl of Great Price

All of us have valleys of weeping, the kingdom of God is built on this pain redeemed. Your pain can become your pearl of great price!

Andy Bondurant and Jennifer Webster

Surviving Childhood: From Weeping to Refreshment

Navigating childhood memories can be difficult. However, what a valley of weeping can be turned into a spring of refreshment. Here’s how!

On the road to the glory of God

The Glory of God. The Pleasure of God

The perfection of God lends to the glory of God. Yet his perfection doesn’t keep him from finding pleasure in you. Here’s why…

Wilderness is sacred

The Wilderness is Sacred

The wilderness is sacred. It is holy because of what happens in us, and how God uses it to demonstrate his love toward his children.

4 tips to grieve with those in grief

Grieving with those who Grieve: 4 Ministry Tips

It is a gift to be able to grieve with those who are in grief. But it is a gift that you can learn. Here are 4 tips to grieve with others.