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Is the wilderness God’s punishment?

We are guaranteed to walk through the wilderness, so it God’s punishment? Spoiler alert! It’s not, and you can prepare for it! Here are two steps to take.

Miracles are in God’s hands

Miracles: Remember Your Role

Reading the amazing stories of Jesus in the Gospels, we often forget our role. We aren’t Jesus. We don’t work miracles. Remember your role.

Disney Robin Hood image of fox

Nothing New: Aesop, Disney + Pixar

Disney and Pixar tell great stories, borrowing from sources like Aesop. Scripture tells us there is nothing new under the sun. Do you see it?

Genesis and the Lights of Christmas on

Genesis and the Lights of Christmas

The very first words of Genesis tell the pattern of human history. Those words remind us of why we love Christmas lights and a warm fireplace.

Called up to greater things

Called up to Greater Things

You‘ve been picked out and invited in by Jesus, but the best news is you‘ve also been called up to greater things. Now, who will you call up?

Joseph Day 12_1

Joseph: It’s just perfect!

Too often I wait for the perfect time, perfect place, perfect person to do the thing I feel called to. What a waste! God can bless the imperfect places of life, so I don’t need to wait for perfection to act.

Joseph Day 10_1

Jacob: Say goodbye, Say hello

Covenant sees your past, understands your present , but looks forward to your future (pain and all). Most importantly, it means, God is in it.

Joseph Day 9

Joseph: better over bitter

I have agency over my feelings about God, myself and others. I can choose to be angry and bitter, or I can choose to believe God is doing something better.

Joseph Day 8_1

Judah: A 180 degree change

the narrative shows Joseph and Judah’s lives paralleled. Just as Joseph was physically enslaved and imprisoned, Judah was emotionally and spiritually enslaved and imprisoned. As Joseph is finding freedom physically, so is Judah spiritually. As Joseph is working to save his family, so is Judah. As Joseph is finding redemption, so is Judah.

Joseph Day 7b

Judah: It’s you and me.

It’s never too late for the unrighteous to become righteous – no matter what evil you’ve done. There is always the opportunity for redemption. Sometimes it’s just a long road there.