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The secret is faith lives in doubt.

The Secret You Never Knew About Your Faith

Here is a secret about your faith. Faith lives in doubt. Doubt is natural. It’s the unknown. Faith is stepping out into that doubt.

Photo by Katrina Wright on Unsplash

God believes in you.

Here’s a truth for you today: God believes in you. So that thing inside of you, let it out. Be available. God believes in you.


Transformed = Rejection, Pain + Discomfort.

Jesus was transformed on a mountain, but in the process learned that lasting transformation would include rejection, pain and discomfort.


Discontent? Tell me what you want.

Difficulty in life lead to complaints and discontent. The question is what will truly satisfy me, and will I wait for God to come through?

Finding a Hidden God on

How to Find a Hidden God.

God is good, but He is not always understandable. Sometimes God does things that make no sense. Sometimes God is hidden when we need Him most.

Impossible is the next step

How to Make Impossible the Next Step

Obstacles to your dreams make it feel insurmountable. Impossible is the next step for God. Here’s how to deal with the waiting.


Power Over Fear? Just Keep Moving.

We all have an inner critic using fear to drive us toward bad decisions. The answer to quieting that critic is faith. We can increase our faith by showing up and moving scared.

Charlie Louise is most powerful and beautiful during submission.

Submission: Since when is Meek + Mild Powerful?

The meek get a bad rap, but do we have it wrong? Meek means tamed or better yet channeled strength. Submission to God is power and beauty.

Healing of Man Born Blind by El Greco

You’re not blind, but can you see?

There is a difference between having sight and being able to see. If you see Jesus for who he really is, there is only one option – worship.

Invited in. You are invited into community.

You are invited in!

Jesus picked you out, but he didn’t end there. Jesus also invited you in to community. He wants you to have relationship with him and others.