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Peace, Prosperity and Promises

In the middle of one of life’s storms, David is thinking about peace and prosperity. The principle of prosperity is available to you too!

Respond with faith

Before You Quit: Respond with Faith

You’re not done. You’ve heard truth from God, but also his command. It’s time to respond with faith.


Lies: It’s too late

Lies destroy our souls, which I am the main source of. I don’t battle this with more lies, but truth. What are you speaking to yourself?

The unsexy truth about working out is it is hard. The same is true about Christianity: obedience is required

Obedience: The Unsexy Power Generator

The unsexy truth about Christianity is obedience. Obedience is what generates power in my life that changes the world for good.

Purpose is your next right step

Purpose: Your Next Right Step

We’ve made purpose out to be bigger than it needs to be. Purpose can be as simple as taking your next right step. So…what’s your step?


Power Over Fear? Just Keep Moving.

We all have an inner critic using fear to drive us toward bad decisions. The answer to quieting that critic is faith. We can increase our faith by showing up and moving scared.

The Return of the Prodigal Son by Rembrandt - best investment is identity

3 Ways to Find a Return on your Life Investment.

For success in life you need to invest in things that bring a great return. An investment in these 3 things will bring a great return in life.

Gospel of John | Understand the Bible

5 Steps for You to Understand the Bible

The Christian bible is an ancient text written by dozens of people over thousands of years spanning multiple cultures and customs. It is deep and mysterious, yet you can understand the Bible. It is accessible to you and me. Here are 5 steps to begin.

Joseph Day 6_1

Joseph: Finding Freedom in the Truth

You find freedom when you tell the truth. You equally find freedom when you believe the truth. The truth sets us free – even when painful.

Joseph Day 5

Joseph: Skills to Pay the Bills

Somehow, even in his early years, Joseph recognized the importance of the presence of God and learning new skills. Those 15 years weren’t lost but an opportunity for development.