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Peace, Prosperity and Promises

In the middle of one of life’s storms, David is thinking about peace and prosperity. The principle of prosperity is available to you too!

Image by Andy Bondurant in Louisburg, Kansas

Stop Striving

I wanna be rich! For a solid 5 years of my life (probably longer, but I can specifically point to a 5 year span), I wanted to be rich. It’s funny because never before and not since have I cared about money like that. I’ve always appreciated nice things, but money never had a grip on […]

7 barriers to your dream. How to hurdle them.

We all have dreams. I dare you. Name it. Say it out loud. The reason you read this blog, get on forums, attend seminars and workshops is that you have a dream. The dream varies specifically for each of you, but it’s just as real for each of you. You have a dream. We all […]

Return of the Killer D.

The killer D is debt. According to a recent USA Today article, 2 years after seeing debt decrease and savings increase, the trend has reversed. In the US, credit card debt is up 368% from 2 years ago. While this may be good for your business in the short-run, it will be bad for you and your […]

Are you caught up in profitability?

I’m sure the article title may sound like a weird question, coming from a blog all about the BUSINESS of photography. But hang with me for a minute, and you’ll see where it really is MORE profitable to be less worried with profit. I was struck with the question during the Storyline conference. Am I […]