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Christmas: the heart of generosity

Christmas: the Heart of Generosity

Christmas is a season of giving which reflects the heart of God. Generosity is God’s nature. Do you reflect God’s heart of generosity?

mark zuckerberg is giving it away on

Giving. 30 is the new 70.

Give it away. Give it away. Give it away now! One of the big news items this week was Mark Zuckerberg. Mr. Zuckerberg became a father for the first time – a baby girl, Max. Even bigger than Zuck becoming a father was the announcement he made along with the birth news. Zuckerberg wrote an […]

Image by Andy Bondurant in Louisburg, Kansas

Stop Striving

I wanna be rich! For a solid 5 years of my life (probably longer, but I can specifically point to a 5 year span), I wanted to be rich. It’s funny because never before and not since have I cared about money like that. I’ve always appreciated nice things, but money never had a grip on […]

The cast from Who's the Boss on

Who’s the Boss?

I love 80’s Sitcoms The Facts of Life, Diff’rent Strokes, Silver Spoons, Webster and Alf were some of my favorite sitcoms from the 80’s. I also liked Who’s the Boss? Who doesn’t love some Tony Danza? Okay, Alyssa Milano probably had something to do with it too. This week, I’ve been put in charge of […]

The Vader Death Grip on

A Vader death grip on your heart.

Clarity Jesus is very clear. When it comes to what he wants of me, there is no question. He wants me…all of me. He’s not looking for the insignificant parts. He’s not interested in the part I gave 15 years ago. He wants all of me – now. Jesus wants the part of me I’ve […]

We live in a NOW world


Our NOW world. We live in an immediate world. We can expect so much right now – fast food, microwaves, ATMs, text messages, online bill pay, video & audio streaming. Sometimes it’s difficult when something literally can’t be NOW. It’s the only way, I can explain how an email like this has anyone bite: WESTERN […]

7 ways to be like Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs biography Last week I finished the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. I thought quite a bit about it after reading it. I came away with 7 traits that I feel like I need more of in my life. 7 ways to be more like Steve Jobs. I started this list yesterday. You […]

My best posts (you may have missed). [UPDATE]

Scroll down to see an addition from this week. It occurred to me yesterday that a few of my best posts you may have never read. Yesterday, I had the pleasure to be featured as a guest writer for the Animoto blog. First, if you don’t know about Animoto, you need to go now and […]

7 barriers to your dream. How to hurdle them.

We all have dreams. I dare you. Name it. Say it out loud. The reason you read this blog, get on forums, attend seminars and workshops is that you have a dream. The dream varies specifically for each of you, but it’s just as real for each of you. You have a dream. We all […]

Escaping the Killer D.

Yesterday, I shared that the US is beginning to go back to our old ways of increasing debt, and that no studio ever needs to be in debt (and showed why). Find that article here: Return of the Killer D. The truth is that many of us are in debt already, so how do we […]