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Christmas: the heart of generosity

Christmas: the Heart of Generosity

Christmas is a season of giving which reflects the heart of God. Generosity is God’s nature. Do you reflect God’s heart of generosity?

Genesis and the Lights of Christmas on AndyBondurant.com

Genesis and the Lights of Christmas

The very first words of Genesis tell the pattern of human history. Those words remind us of why we love Christmas lights and a warm fireplace.

Jesus is Brighter and Brighter on AndyBondurant.com

Christmas: Brighter and Brighter

Merry Christmas! Is your life better now that it was a year ago? 5 years ago? 10? 40? Wondering where the Merry Christmas is? I’ve been pondering this question this week.I’m wrapping up a video devotional series focusing on The Word. Monday the devotional was centered on this passage of scripture: 1In the beginning the Word […]

Be still and reflect on Christmas by Andy Bondurant

Be still.

All is calm… My favorite Christmas carol is Silent Night. The first 2 lines read: Silent night, Holy night All is calm, all is bright All is calm…what a picture! I don’t know about you, but during the Christmas season there aren’t many calm moments. It’s part of the power of the hymn – an […]

Christmas Morning surprise by Andy Bondurant


Kids say the darn’dest things… You never know what your kid is going to say…especially when he is 5. Last night, I asked Beale, my 5 year old son, what his favorite part of the day was. We had gone to get donuts, taken a trip to put together baskets of food to be distributed […]

Merry Christmas!

Life is a circus. That as you can see is the theme of the Bondurant Christmas card this year. Never has that been more true than this week. In the midst of school programs, basketball practices, dance rehearsals, work, school, and preparing for Christmas we had a vomitfest. Literally. At one point on Monday all […]