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Wilderness is sacred

The Wilderness is Sacred

The wilderness is sacred. It is holy because of what happens in us, and how God uses it to demonstrate his love toward his children.

Finding God’s Word

Before you quit: Find God’s Word

Before your give up on God, you need to find God’s word. It’s not enough to be restored and go on with life. You need a fresh word from God.


Between the Dead and Living

Sin destroys, so we need salvation. Thousands of years before Jesus, a man ran into danger showing us what was needed for the entire world.

Christmas: the heart of generosity

Christmas: the Heart of Generosity

Christmas is a season of giving which reflects the heart of God. Generosity is God’s nature. Do you reflect God’s heart of generosity?


Discontent? Tell me what you want.

Difficulty in life lead to complaints and discontent. The question is what will truly satisfy me, and will I wait for God to come through?

Impossible is the next step

How to Make Impossible the Next Step

Obstacles to your dreams make it feel insurmountable. Impossible is the next step for God. Here’s how to deal with the waiting.

A wandering Aramean - from nobody to somebody

God: He makes the nobody into somebody.

You and I are a nobodies. However, God loves to take a nobody and make him or her into somebody. I am a nobody, but God has made me into a somebody!

Faith is both ancient and new by Andy Bondurant

Something Ancient | Something New

Stand by the roads, and look,     and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it,     and find rest for your souls.  – Jeremiah 6:16 Something ancient It’s human nature to want the new thing. We all want newer, better, faster, stronger. It’s why you upgraded your phone/car/computer/dishwasher/drill last year. […]

Classic 80's comedy Spies Like Us on AndyBondurant.com

Spies Like Us

Compare and Contrast Remember that old exercise compare and contrast from school? I think God is playing this game with the Israelites. The first few chapters of the book of Joshua in the Bible are full of comparing and contrasting events with Moses and Joshua. Consider these events: God commands the people through His leader (Exodus […]

We are happy when content

No one was happy…

The following is a devotion I wrote last week for Cross Points Church. You can find these daily devotions for yourself online at Bible.com. Happy. No one is happy in Numbers 11. The people are tired of manna (11:6). Moses is tired of the people (11:14-15). God is tired of everyone (11:23). No one is happy. […]