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have you guarded what God has given to you

Guard What’s Yours

God has given to you specific people, finances and dreams. They are yours from God. He is calling you to guard these gifts!

4 Truths about the Promises of God

4 Truths about the Promises of God

The promises of God are available to you. It begins by being a child of God and continues by understanding four truths about God’s promises.


Discontent? Tell me what you want.

Difficulty in life lead to complaints and discontent. The question is what will truly satisfy me, and will I wait for God to come through?

Peace versus worry. You must have trust

Blowing up in the Back Seat

Don’t Worry… Years ago – Kia and I were on our way home from a vacation. We were returning from Colorado with friends (about a 10 hour drive). The trip had been great. Kia and I had connected deeper in our marriage. We bonded with our friends. The destination was beautiful. It was an easy, fun trip. However, I was […]