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have you guarded what God has given to you

Guard What’s Yours

God has given to you specific people, finances and dreams. They are yours from God. He is calling you to guard these gifts!

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala home of Maximon

Submission: I’m Not Ready for Jesus.

Submission to Jesus is core to the Christian faith. Interestingly, while Jesus is all powerful, he doesn’t demand you to submit to him. He understands you may not be ready to submit. Jesus will give you space, but it doesn’t mean he will abandon you either.

Steal Back your Identity

3 Ways to Steal Back Your Identity

As a follower of Jesus, your identity is under attack. The enemy of your soul wants to steal it from you. Here are 3 ways to steal it back.


How Instagram stole my true identity

As a Jesus follower, your true identity is being adopted as a full child and heir of God. Satan used Instagram to steal my identity. Has the enemy of your soul stolen this identity?


Pain Redeemed: The Pearl of Great Price

All of us have valleys of weeping, the kingdom of God is built on this pain redeemed. Your pain can become your pearl of great price!

Andy Bondurant and Jennifer Webster

Surviving Childhood: From Weeping to Refreshment

Navigating childhood memories can be difficult. However, what a valley of weeping can be turned into a spring of refreshment. Here’s how!

Parenting is hard, so we need goals and philosophies on

A Parenting Philosophy: Making Your Kid Practice the Flute

Parenting is hard. To be successful as a parent you need goals and a parenting philosophy. Here are my 3 goals & 4 philosophies of parenting.


Lies: It’s too late

Lies destroy our souls, which I am the main source of. I don’t battle this with more lies, but truth. What are you speaking to yourself?

Bravery is moving scared.

Bravery: Just Keep Swimming

Bravery is my 2022 Word of the Year. Bravery is moving scared. In 2022 I want to take the next right step, keep swimming, move scared.

Invited in. You are invited into community.

You are invited in!

Jesus picked you out, but he didn’t end there. Jesus also invited you in to community. He wants you to have relationship with him and others.