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Parenting is hard, so we need goals and philosophies on

A Parenting Philosophy: Making Your Kid Practice the Flute

Parenting is hard. To be successful as a parent you need goals and a parenting philosophy. Here are my 3 goals & 4 philosophies of parenting.


Lies: It’s too late

Lies destroy our souls, which I am the main source of. I don’t battle this with more lies, but truth. What are you speaking to yourself?

Bravery is moving scared.

Bravery: Just Keep Swimming

Bravery is my 2022 Word of the Year. Bravery is moving scared. In 2022 I want to take the next right step, keep swimming, move scared.

Invited in. You are invited into community.

You are invited in!

Jesus picked you out, but he didn’t end there. Jesus also invited you in to community. He wants you to have relationship with him and others.

I want to be great like Michael Jordan

The Simple Truth to being Great. Find advice.

If you want to be great…take advice from someone great. Michael Jordan is one of the most iconic basketball players of all time. There have been, and there will continue to be arguments about who is the greatest of all time, but there was no question in the 1990’s. Growing up, Magic Johnson was a […]

God creates something from nothing

From Nothing to Something

Close your eyes… No seriously, participate in this little action with me. You can’t close your eyes (and still read this) but imagine nothing. Okay, I know that’s hard, but as best you can imagine empty space, no creation, vast blankness. Now to this empty space, add a light (someplace, somewhere, somehow). Now add a […]

5 Principles to Finding Freedom on

5 Principles to Find Freedom

The Year of FREEDOM! In 2011 I stumbled on what I now call my Word of the Year project.  Basically, I chose one word I wanted to see happen in my life. Then I focused on that word for the entire year. That year changed my life. I chose the word FREEDOM. I dove deep […]

Surrounded by streams of Joy on

Surrounded by Joy | Island in the Streams

The little rental house that could. My last house sat on 5 acres. When we purchased the property nothing was on the 40 acres behind us, but a developer purchased the land to build a neighborhood of condos. This affected me in several ways, but most noticeable was the water flow coming across our land […]

the power of affirmation in a selfie

Wait. Let me take a selfie!

I was lookin’ good! This week, as I walked out the door, heading to work, Kia looked up at me. She said, “You look really nice. Take a selfie.” I’ll be honest, she was just back from a trip, wiped out and hardly awake. I don’t know if she was seeing clearly. But I did it. I […]

Attack Fear shirt by Andy Bondurant on model

Word of the Year | What I learned from ATTACK in 2015

ATTACK | Word of the Year 2015 2015 was the 5th year of the Word of the Year project for me. Each year has been it’s own unique and different experience, and as I look back I see how important each word has been for my life – both in that year and beyond. His a […]