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I know you are a leader by Andy Bondurant so lead well

I Know This About You

I Know This About You. I have a core philosophy on leadership. Are you ready? It’s not easy to comprehend. Okay, maybe it’s not so difficult…here it is. Everyone is a leader. You are a leader. If no one else, you are leading your family. Most likely you are leading beyond this. It could be […]

Desire is the genius within you.

Genius Is in You.

The Outliers In his book, Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell explores success. Why are some people successful? Is it luck? Is it timing? Is it practice? Is it finances? Is it talent? To answer these questions, Gladwell explores people like Bill Gates and the Beatles. What made them so wildly successful? I read Outliers when it was first […]

How to go from survive to live, what's your why?

Survive or Live

12 Years a Slave In the movie 12 Years a Slave (adapted by the book of the same title), Solomon Northup is stolen from his freedom in the North to be a slave in the South. Solomon has lived a majority of his life as a free man, so the thought of slavery is completely […]

Who are you leading? Who is leading you?

Who is with you? Who are you with?

Leading 101 I’m passionate about leading, and there is one important thing everyone must know if they desire to be a leader: You’re not leading if no one is along for the ride. When I read the bible, many times I read it through the eyes of what it means to lead. It’s one of […]

live on Andy

No Party Line.

On Living Well. One of the more important books on writing, so I’ve learned, is On Writing Well by William Zinsser. It is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Zinsser addresses the fear of failure with a wonderful story from poet Allen Ginsberg. Ginsberg was asked if there was a moment when he made the decision to […]

Ever so angry you can't see straight on

Why so angry?

Anger and God We are taught to fear anger. Do a quick quote search on “anger,” and you’ll see I’m right. Anger is scary. Sometimes we’re so mad we can’t see straight. It burns us up. It drives us to do and say things we’ll regret. Anger is the first step to bitterness. Too often anger […]

Sorry. I am doing a GREAT work by Andy Bondurant

Best of the Best

Only the Best! I don’t often do this. In fact, I haven’t ever done it on this site, but I thought it time. Today, I am sharing with you the top posts over the last 3 months at These are the posts you’ve visited the most. You’ve come across them on Facebook, Twitter or […]

Andy Bondurant on Tribes in the Mockingjay

Tribes: kiss you, kill you or be you

The Mockingjay Somehow life has gotten flipped around on me. When my kids were young, I was the one who took them to see the movies. Usually it was a movie I could have brought a book to, it was so bad. Never-the-less, I was the one who took the kids to the movies. Kia never […]

Andy Bondurant understands uncomfortable

ATTACK: The Next Step

That uncomfortable place. A few years ago, Kia and I were walking through a really tough time. It was one of those periods of life when we found ourselves in that uncomfortable place. You know…you’ve been there before. It’s that place in life when you do know what you’re supposed to do. Am I supposed […]

Andy Bondurant in Jackson Wyoming with Jeff Woods

Big Story | Small World

Big Story I believe in living life to the full. Yeah, that’s pretty cliche. Maybe I read it on a scrapbooking website or something. Being completely honest, though, I believe it. I believe we all live life as a story, our story grafted into a much larger story. As a Christian, I believe the larger […]