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Attack Fear shirt by Andy Bondurant on model

Word of the Year | What I learned from ATTACK in 2015

ATTACK | Word of the Year 2015 2015 was the 5th year of the Word of the Year project for me. Each year has been it’s own unique and different experience, and as I look back I see how important each word has been for my life – both in that year and beyond. His a […]

Finding dignity and purpose on

Will Work for…Dignity.

Love and Hate I have this relationship. It’s one of those relationships they describe as love/hate. Sometimes I’m absolutely in complete and total love with her. Other times I can’t stand the thought of her – the literal thought of her makes me sick. There are times, though, when I’ve been with her, and I […]

Joy is from satisfaction, community and peace


Joy Unspeakable!! My day job, so to speak, is overseeing the children’s ministry of a local church – Cross Points Church. We call the kids ministry Cross Points Kids. I’m hired to be a children’s pastor, but my job is to lead a team of teenagers and adults who teach kids on a weekly basis. […]


The butterfly and the struggle.

The butterfly We all struggle…even butterflies. Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A little boy brought home a caterpillar he finds while playing outside. Fascinated, he asked to keep it. He and his mother placed it in a jar with sticks and grass.  The little boy constantly watched the caterpillar eat and move. […]

napoleon dynamite on andy bondurant blog

May all your wildest DREAMS come true!

Napoleon Dynamite One of my all-time favorite movies is Napoleon Dynamite. I find the mix of comic absurdity and sweet truths a great combination. For those of you who haven’t seen the movie, it’s a story about a social outcast (Napoleon) who finds his place through two friends (Deb & Pedro). One of the ways […]

casper the friendly ghost on in Shawnee Kansas

That little floaty thing when we die.

What is the soul? A few weeks ago, I had the honor of preaching at Cross Points Church. The topic for October was First: Jesus First and Foremost – in our heart, soul, mind and strength. My specific topic was how to put Jesus first in our soul. The first question to answer with this topic […]

Ruth the most beautiful story in the world?

The Gift Giver and the Called.

Beautiful The story of Ruth is not just one of the most beautiful stories in the bible, but might be one of the most beautiful stories in all the world. Ruth is daughter-in-law to Naomi. Both Ruth and Naomi (along with another daughter-in-law) have lost their husbands. Naomi is living is a foreign land, so […]

Charlie Louise Bondurant at 12 weeks old

Who’s Top Dog?

Taking the leap… The Bondurant’s have entered into a new phase of life. Puppy ownership. This is not our forte. We like animals, currently a cat, but a brand new puppy is an entirely different beast. Here’s a short list of puppy items we’ve learned in just a few weeks: Puppies need taken out to the […]

The Resort La Fortuna in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Eyes Wide Open

Off and Away Late last month, Kia and I were in Guatemala celebrating our 20th anniversary. We had an absolutely incredible time. There were so many highlights – from staying on a lake resort only accessible by boat to walking the streets of a city dating back to the 1500’s. We explored a small village […]

The Best Ever is Legacy on

Jerusalem: The Best Ever.

The Best Ever Do a quick Google search on “All Time Greatest”, click though a couple of pages, and you’ll find articles on songs, movies, toys, television shows, rappers and more. There is a list for everything out there. And the list is ranked. All of us have an opinion, and all of us want […]