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Lake Atitlan in Guatemala home of Maximon

Submission: I’m Not Ready for Jesus.

Submission to Jesus is core to the Christian faith. Interestingly, while Jesus is all powerful, he doesn’t demand you to submit to him. He understands you may not be ready to submit. Jesus will give you space, but it doesn’t mean he will abandon you either.

The Bondurant's have a new dog - Charlie Louise

Sending to Sent: Have you landed?

What have we done? Kia and I took a big step. We did something we’ve been putting off for years. We moved forward on something people have called us crazy for. We took a leap. Late nights. Early mornings. Crying. Feeding. Walking. Little sleep. No, it’s not a baby…we got a puppy. Labor Day Monday […]

Andy and Kia Bondurant 20 year anniversary

The Best Marriage Advice Ever!

What’s the key to marriage success? Last month Kia and I celebrated our 20th anniversary. Our celebration consisted of an unbelievable trip to Guatemala (which we visited 20 year earlier for language school). Twenty years is a long time – for anything – anymore. You’ll see just how long 20 years is by looking at the […]

The Resort La Fortuna in Guatemala on Lake Atitlan

Eyes Wide Open

Off and Away Late last month, Kia and I were in Guatemala celebrating our 20th anniversary. We had an absolutely incredible time. There were so many highlights – from staying on a lake resort only accessible by boat to walking the streets of a city dating back to the 1500’s. We explored a small village […]

image of volcano pacaya in antigua guatemala

One day while hiking a volcano…

Overwhelmed Sometimes life feels overwhelming. Too much is happening. Not enough time is available to get everything done. The job is too large. The resources are too small. Not enough help is available. Too many people are involved. If it’s not one thing it’s another, and you feel like you are underwater. You’re left gasping for […]