Sending to Sent: Have you landed?

What have we done?

Kia and I took a big step. We did something we’ve been putting off for years. We moved forward on something people have called us crazy for. We took a leap.

Late nights. Early mornings. Crying. Feeding. Walking. Little sleep.

No, it’s not a baby…we got a puppy.

Labor Day Monday afternoon, we picked up a brand new puppy we’ve promised our kids for years (anyone relate?). Below you see the adorable, 11 week-old Charlie Louise. She’s an Australian Shepherd, and already our lives have changed.

The Bondurant's have a new dog - Charlie Louise

Which leads me to my main thought.

We’re all sent, but have we all landed?

“Son of man,” he said, “I am sending you to the nation of Israel…”  -Ezekiel 2:3a

I read this verse while in Guatemala. In the past, I might have wondered if I was called to Guatemala. Honestly, I know exactly what I would do if I were called to Guatemala. But I’m not called to Guatemala.

I know I’m not called to Guatemala or anywhere else. I know God has sent myself and my family to Shawnee. I read this verse in Ezekiel, and I knew the answer to this question in my life.

Monday, we didn’t just buy a dog, but we continued to land. Charlie Louise is more than just a cute puppy. She is confirmation we’ve landed in the place God has sent us. We haven’t just moved, but we’ve settled.

Landing means settling

While in Guatemala, we met a lot of ex-pats. Some were traveling the world. Some were traveling Central America. Some were traveling all of Guatemala. Some had settled in Guatemala.

A lot of these American and European ‘refugees’ we met also had dogs. Honestly, one of the dogs we met, helped Kia and I take this final leap into dog ownership. However, let me share with you an interesting fact about dog ownership in Guatemala.

The people who owned dogs were settled. They weren’t traveling the world. They had landed in a specific spot of Guatemala. They had settled in the place where they felt called.

Have you settled?

My final thought. Have you settled? I know you’re called, but have you settled in the place you are called to?

Sometimes it’s really hard (leaving friends, family, schools, etc). Sometimes it’s a pain (getting a puppy). Sometimes it’s simply being willing to leave the past behind.

You’re called, so settle.

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