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have you guarded what God has given to you

Guard What’s Yours

God has given to you specific people, finances and dreams. They are yours from God. He is calling you to guard these gifts!

Life balance is impossible. Intentional living is the key.

Balance is impossible.

We’ve been sold a lie…life balance. Balance is impossible. The true answer to a life out of control is intentionality.

Joseph Day 6_1

Joseph: Finding Freedom in the Truth

You find freedom when you tell the truth. You equally find freedom when you believe the truth. The truth sets us free – even when painful.

Joseph Day 1a

Joseph: A Story of Redemption

Last month I read through the story of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 37-50). Each day I was challenged to share what I learned. Here was my insight for Genesis 37.

Sometimes it is okay to rest...relax on Andybondurant.com

Spoons, Liar and Relax

Spoons, Lying and Relaxing This weekend, I celebrated Independence Day like most people. I hung out with my family. I read, I slept, I grocery shopped and I played games with my kids. My oldest daughter just got home from camp with a couple of games to teach the family. I knew both of them, […]

What do you want? Have an end in mind. Parent with values on AndyBondurant.com

Parenting 101: Begin with the End in Mind

What do you value? I have 4 talented and gifted children. Each are different, unique and quirky. Discussing them, their activities, their talents and our family schedule, I’ve found myself having the same discussion several times over the last couple of weeks during this topic of parenting. It goes something like this: Parent: My child […]

The Bondurant's have a new dog - Charlie Louise

Sending to Sent: Have you landed?

What have we done? Kia and I took a big step. We did something we’ve been putting off for years. We moved forward on something people have called us crazy for. We took a leap. Late nights. Early mornings. Crying. Feeding. Walking. Little sleep. No, it’s not a baby…we got a puppy. Labor Day Monday […]

Hiding truths in your kids heart by Andy Bondurant

Hiding Truths

I have 4 kids (2 girls and 2 boys). When my daughters, were 2 years (Kessa) and 6 months old (Sephine) they were in a horrible automobile accident. The car they were riding in flipped over head first traveling 65 miles an hour down the highway. The SUV was beyond totaled. Looking back, a lot of things […]

It's a Wonderful Life movie scene

Big guns and bigger explosions!

What I need in a movie… I’m like most guys when it comes to movies. Though I can sit through a romantic comedy most days, I’m a sucker for big guns and bigger explosions. I like it when the good guy has insurmountable odds in order to overcome evil. I’m able to suspend reality for 2 […]

rudolf hoss bad decisions catch up to him

When time stands still

Hanns and Rudolf Over the Christmas break, we made a life-changing addition to our room – a lamp. Until now, our only light came from the overhead light or the master bathroom. The overhead light is not pleasing, and worse it requires the overhead fan to be on – not optimal for winter evenings. The […]