Joseph: Finding Freedom in the Truth

Day 6 – Genesis 42

Last month I read through the story of Joseph in the Bible (Genesis 37-50). Each day I was challenged to share what I learned. Here was my insight into Genesis 42.

Joseph is in charge

It’s come full circle. The brothers who hated Joseph for his crazy dreams bow down before him, just as he had foretold 20 years earlier. They came to Egypt to buy grain because famine had hit their homeland. They’re in front of Joseph, but have they changed?

“This is how I will test your story….” –Genesis 42:15

Joseph immediately recognizes them, but they have no idea who he is. So Joseph begins to test them. He asks questions. He listens to their inter-exchange. Have they changed?

Joseph a story of redemption (the truth sets you free) by Andy Bondurant.

We get two clues they may have matured in these 20 years. First, they wonder if the crazy accusations by Joseph are payment for their crimes against him. Second, we see their response to their father, Jacob, when they arrive home without their brother Simeon (held in jail as ransom).

“When the brothers came to their father, Jacob, in the land of Canaan, they told him everything that had happened to them.” -Genesis 42:29

They tell the truth. Rather than making up stories, as they had 20 years earlier, they tell their father everything.

There is freedom in the truth. In the coming chapters, the truth will continue to pour out. It will set this family free. Truth is one of the reasons this family is part of our foundation of faith.

You find freedom when you tell the truth. You equally find freedom when you believe the truth. The truth sets us free – even when painful.

Daily Blessing: God, may I have the strength to both speak and hear the truth today.

Daily Challenge: Determine to speak the truth today – even when it hurts. At the same time, be willing to hear the truth – sit in it and determine what should be done with it.

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