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have you guarded what God has given to you

Guard What’s Yours

God has given to you specific people, finances and dreams. They are yours from God. He is calling you to guard these gifts!

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala home of Maximon

Submission: I’m Not Ready for Jesus.

Submission to Jesus is core to the Christian faith. Interestingly, while Jesus is all powerful, he doesn’t demand you to submit to him. He understands you may not be ready to submit. Jesus will give you space, but it doesn’t mean he will abandon you either.

Steal Back your Identity

3 Ways to Steal Back Your Identity

As a follower of Jesus, your identity is under attack. The enemy of your soul wants to steal it from you. Here are 3 ways to steal it back.


How Instagram stole my true identity

As a Jesus follower, your true identity is being adopted as a full child and heir of God. Satan used Instagram to steal my identity. Has the enemy of your soul stolen this identity?

We are made in the image of God to remind and reflect

Reclaim Your Identity: Made in the Image of God

My identity is found in being made in the image of God and being adopted as a child of God. So what does it mean to be made in God’s image? We are made in God’s image to remind and reflect God to all creation.

4 Truths about the Promises of God

4 Truths about the Promises of God

The promises of God are available to you. It begins by being a child of God and continues by understanding four truths about God’s promises.

Being a great leader means humility

Leading through pain

Being a leader means experiencing pain and rejection – both real and perceived. How will you lead through offense? Read on for two options for you as a leader.

The number twelve represents completion and God’s power

Complete: will nothing ever change?

Complete. This is just the way things are. Do these words run through your head? It’s a lie. Jesus has the power to change the impossible.


Is the wilderness God’s punishment?

We are guaranteed to walk through the wilderness, so it God’s punishment? Spoiler alert! It’s not, and you can prepare for it! Here are two steps to take.

My imperfection = God’s delight

My Imperfection = God’s Glory?

Too often we convince ourselves our imperfection keeps us from God using us, much less God being glorified. The bible doesn’t agree.